AndroRAT is an open-source mobile malware that was created back in 2012. It is a RAT (Remote Access Tool) for Android OS that allows a remote attacker to control the victim.

What is AndroRAT?

AndroRAT is a contraction of Android and RAT (Remote Access Tool), which is a piece of malware that has been seen a lot lately. At first it was created as a proof of concept, but this malware has gradually become more evolved over the years. AndroRAT allows a remote attacker the control over the victim.

Usually the RATs have a user-friendly control panel that makes it possible to control the victims. AndroRAT can control the infected device by making phone calls and sending SMS messages as well as getting its GPS coordinates, accessing the files stored on the handset and activating and using the microphone and the camera.

How does it work?

The new version of AndroRat has an ability to gain some advance level privileges on any Android device that unpatched Remote code execution vulnerability CVE-2015-1805 and inject root exploits.

It exploits the critical vulnerabilities on the targeting platform.

What is so special about AndroRAT?

Apart from Android, AndroRat can also target Windows and macOS platforms. RAT will communicate with the command and the control server which is controlled by the attacker and perform various commands to steal the user’s sensitive information.

Some of these commands are stealing your contact list, your GPS location, your files, messages from your inbox, your WiFi passwords...It can also upload files to your device, record audio and capture your screen.

The implanted AndroRAT allows an attacker to remotely control it and among other things, monitor and make calls and messages, activate the camera and microphone, and access stored files.

How to prevent AndroRAT from infecting my phone?

In terms of security Android is much safer to use then its Windows counterpart – but it is by no means impenetrable. Be careful when downloading different apps because a large number of positive reviews is not always an indication that an app is safe. To prevent AndroRAT or any other type of malware from infecting your phone, it is crucial to have an antivirus installed as a basic protection. Also, keeping your Android device up to date with the latest updates is vital for its security!

AndroRAT removal

Most antivirus apps are able to detect AndroRAT as it is one of the most known Android hack tools.

If you are using Zemana Mobile Antivirus premium version (which comes with 15-days free trial), it will protect you by blocking hackers' attempts of hacking your phone. This way, you will keep your mobile device safe.

Zemana Mobile Antivirus as a AndroRAT removal tool

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