About Us

Zemana was established in 2007 to provide the world with innovative cyber-security solutions.

It's our job to deal with complex malicious software and other cyber threats by producing simple solutions. We want our users to focus on doing what they do best without having to worry about cyber threats. We continually monitor for threats, enabling us to roll out defenses before threats can cause damage.

We believe the growing cyber-security challenge comes from sophisticated AI-generated threats. Consequently, we have upgraded to AI-based technologies to fight and stop these threats.

Our Values

Zemana Simplicity Statement


We believe that technology exists to make your life easier. This has guided us to design very powerful online security solutions with simple usage interfaces and easy to use tools.

Zemana Integrity


We at Zemana want to increase consumer’s awareness and need for online protection. Besides, we believe that every business should nurture old fashioned integrity and fair dealing. We prefer our business relationship to be win-win.

Zemana Customer Dedication


Zemana team nurtures a cosmopolitan culture of constant dedication, innovation and expertise in order to create and present the best solutions for your security.

Zemana Responsibility


Zemana team takes the responsibility to answer today's huge threat landscape with powerful protection designs to make sure that you are completely safe & protected.

Zemana Quality


We’re in this business, not to be unreasonable or to fleece anybody. We are here to design security solutions in the best quality manner that makes our customers feel well.

Zemana Fairness & Frankness

Fairness & Frankness

We have inherited fairness and frankness as the central element of each dimension of our work and relationship with our clients and partners.